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A treatment solution that is safe for use around the whole family

An outdoor carpet of rich, green grass is something that we would all like to have in our garden, but not at the expense of the health of our beloved pets, right? If, like many, you are yet to find a fertiliser that will not put your pet in harm’s way, then read on, as we have the perfect treatment solution for you.

A lawn fertiliser that is safe for your pet

Applying a high-quality fertiliser to your lawn will not only improve its overall appearance, but offer protection against some of the most common threats, such as those posed by fungal diseases and pests. What’s more, fertilisers help to suppress weeds, enabling the grass plants the space to grow and thrive.

At Apeiron UK, we are dedicated to providing a lawn care service that is both safe and effective, no matter the dynamics of the household. That is why we use treatment solutions that are safe for use around the whole family, including any hairy or furry members. Nobody should be deprived the joy of an outdoor space that boasts a strong and healthy lawn.

Pet Safe Lawn Fertiliser

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Being a local, specialist lawn care company, we are positioned to help you achieve the perfect lawn. If you have wasted time and money on shop-grade products that offer little more than disappointment, it’s time to appoint an expert.

To book your free site analysis, call Apeiron UK today and allow us to take good care of your lawn, so that you can enjoy a stunning garden view all year round.

Why choose Apeiron UK to treat your lawn?

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in pet safe lawn fertiliser and are perfectly positioned to help you achieve the very best outcomes, both for your lawn and for your family. We are not a company that will just rush in and apply a standard treatment to your lawn – we undertake a full site analysis and apply precisely the right pet-friendly treatment at the right time. You will have a lawn to be proud of in no time!

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