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Maintaining the health and structure of your lawn

If your grass is looking discoloured or you are noticing the formation of dead patches, it is important to rule out fungal disease as the cause. Fungal diseases can present in many forms and cause varying degrees of damage. Common fungal diseases include Red Thread, Fusarium and Anthracnose.

Controlling or eradicating colonies of fungi is vital to maintaining the health and structure of your lawn.

Lawn Disease Management

What Causes Fungal Diseases?

Fungal lawn diseases are becoming an increasingly bigger problem in the UK as the British weather is often unsettled. Short bursts of heavy rain during periods of warm weather creates the ideal environment for fungi to thrive.

When a fungus attacks your luscious, green grass and causes disease, it absorbs energy from the grass plants which often leads to the appearance of bare patches throughout your lawn.

Some fungal diseases such as Red Thread cause aesthetic issues only, but others such as Fusarium and Anthracnose can be fatal to your lawn.

How Can I Identify ‘Fairy Rings’?

There are numerous symptoms of fungal disease, but perhaps the most common presentation is that of the ‘fairy ring’.

Many different fungi can cause fairy rings, but the most damaging is Marasmius oreades. Marasmius oreades lives in the root system and causes the formation of one or more circular patches of dead grass, surrounded by grass that is greener than usual.

Over time, these patches increase in size as the colonies of the fungus spread within the soil.

Seeking a professional opinion

By seeking a professional opinion during the early stages of infection, we can establish the type of fungi attacking your lawn and the reasons why.

Once the disease and been identified and is under control, Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd will work with you to restore the health of your lawn so that fungal disease is less likely to take hold in the future.

If your lawn is showing signs of a fungal disease, give Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd a call