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Organic and environmentally-friendly

In order to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn, regular treatments should form part of your lawn maintenance plan.

Here at Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd, we appreciate that some customers do not wish to treat their lawn with synthetic chemicals and instead prefer to take an organic and environmentally-friendly approach.

If this sounds like you, our 100% organic treatments are a wonderful alternative to our traditional treatments and are designed to take care of your lawn the natural way.

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Our organic treatments

The aim of any good lawn maintenance programme is to create and maintain the optimum environment in which grass can grow and thrive.

Our organic treatments, when used in combination with mechanical treatments e.g. scarification, aeration, top dressing and over seeding, encourage the growth of strong grass plants that can overcome problems such as weeds and fungal diseases.

During the consultation process, your lawn care specialist will analyse your lawn before recommending any treatments that will be of benefit.

The Benefits of Organic Treatments

100% organic lawn care products do not negatively affect the environment and are safe to use around pets and children. Unlike synthetic fertilisers, organic products add organic matter to your lawn. Such matter not only feeds your lawn, but improves soil structure, drought tolerance, resistance to pests and diseases and creates a healthy balance of bacteria in the soil too.

Go Green with Apeiron Lawn Care

Being a specialist lawn care company, we are positioned to help you “go green” and achieve a healthy green lawn without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Through a full site analysis, we will tailor our organic treatment plan to the individual needs of your lawn so that we target any problems at the right time.