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Creating a healthy environment for grass to thrive

If unsightly moss is spreading rapidly throughout your previously beautiful lawn and your grass is looking sparse and dull, your lawn likely needs scarifying.

The purpose of scarification is to remove excess thatch from your lawn and deter the growth of moss. By thinning out the thatch, space is created for the grass to grow and absorb essential nutrients. Scarification is typically carried out in the spring or autumn after any moss or weeds have been treated.

The process of scarification creates a healthy environment for grass to thrive and should form part of your annual maintenance plan

Lawn Scarifier

What is Thatch?

Thatch is a naturally occurring layer of organic matter within your lawn. It comprises of living stems, roots and leaves as well as dead roots and grass cuttings.

A thin layer of thatch that does not exceed 10mm is considered beneficial to your lawn as it insulates the soil and increases resilience during extreme weather conditions. However, a thick layer of thatch traps surface water and deprives the grass root system of oxygen, water and nutrients.

When the drainage system has been impaired by excess thatch, your lawn will feel spongy under foot and the grass will have poor drought resistance.

What’s more, a dense layer of thatch can harbour pests and diseases and creates optimal conditions for moss to grow, so keeping the level of thatch down is essential to maintaining the health of your lawn.

What to Expect from Scarification?

Here at Apeiron Lawn Care, we are a specialist company with years of experience in lawn care. We will analyse your lawn prior to offering our recommendations and creating your bespoke treatment plan.

By analysing your lawn, we can determine the level of thatch present and can tailor the settings on our scarifying machine to remove as much or as little thatch as required. Scarification strips the lawn of excess thatch and moss, leaving a large amount of debris on top of your lawn.

This can be alarming, but rest assured that your lawn care specialist will clear the debris to leave you with a tidy lawn.

For a free site analysis and your bespoke quotation, call Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd today.

Lawn Scarification - Before
Lawn Scarification - After