Customer complaint policy

Where a customer is dissatisfied with either the level of customer service or the standard of any work carried out, they should feel confident that they can raise the issue with Apeiron UK Lawn Care Ltd who will try to resolve the matter amicably.

We kindly request that if a customer has a complaint, they should put the complaint in writing, addressed to:

The Managing DirectorApeiron UK Lawn Care LtdLynton,Common Rd,Aldeby,Beccles,Suffolk,NR34 0BL.

Customers may also submit their complaint via email at [email protected]

When writing to us it would be useful to outline the specific issues subject of the complaint and the outcomes that you seek.

Apeiron UK Lawn Care Ltd will acknowledge and record that a complaint has been made within 24hrs of receipt.

We will contact you personally to discuss the matter within 7 working days. This will be with a view to trying to amicably resolve the matter and Apeiron UK Lawn Care Ltd will take all reasonable measures to reach an agreement, fair to both parties.

We will aim to resolve the complaint within 28 days of receipt of it. Where we cannot, we will give you reasons why and a timescale to conclude the complaint.

Where the complaint is able to be amicably resolved, Apeiron UK Lawn Care Ltd will advise you in writing of the resolution and record details of the outcome for future reference.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to reach a resolution, we will suggest that you seek further advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau

Again, we will advise you in writing that we were unable to reach a resolution and include the reasons why. These details will be held on file for future reference.