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A professional solution for the management of lawn pests

Here at Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd, we know that your lawn is very appealing to common garden pests such as rabbits, moles, leather jackets and chafer grubs. Although no two lawn pests are the same, they all have the ability to cause extensive damage to your lawn if no action is taken to control or eradicate them.

If you suspect that a pest is making itself too comfortable in your garden, it is important to take action as soon as possible to prevent long-lasting damage to your lawn.

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Protecting the Root System from Common Pests

Leather jackets are the larvae of the crane fly A.K.A. ‘Daddy Long Legs’. Leather jackets live just under the surface and feed on the roots and stems of grass. Whilst healthy grass can withstand minor damage to its root system, larger infestations of leather jackets can cause significant damage.

Another common lawn pest is the chafer grub. Like leather jackets, chafer grubs feed on the roots of grass plants. Damage is most noticeable during late summer and can be identified by a gradual thinning and yellowing of your lawn. The bigger the infestation, the more noticeable the damage will be.

If you notice birds scratching at your lawn, chances are they are trying to reach leather jackets or chafer grubs. This can be the first indication of a pest infestation and should never be ignored.

If your grass is looking thin, yellow or is showing other signs of distress, Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd will act quickly to identify the pest and take the appropriate action to save your lawn.

Controlling Small Mammals

Working with trusted and qualified partners, we are able to offer a professional service for the control of small mammals such as moles and rabbits.

Restoration Treatments

Following the control and eradication of any pests, it may be necessary to perform cultural treatments to restore your lawn. Being an independent lawn care specialist, Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area and will recommend any treatments that will help your lawn to recover. It is worth nothing that cultural treatments such as scarification and aeration can help to prevent a pest infestation and should therefore form part of your annual lawn care plan.

If you are looking for a professional solution for the management of lawn pests, give Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd a call today.