Susan Newstead
8th September 2022
Excellent - Apeiron has saved my lawn.

We started from a rather poor base, where the lawn was full of moss, clover and other weeds, had not been fed for years and had been "scalped" at every mowing. But after only two treatments and some sound advice about cutting height, my lawn managed to survive the drought with only a few bare patches, and I am really looking forward to seeing how it all looks after "lawn renovation" later this month and the treatments remaining in the full yearly cycle. I recommend this company highly - they are professional, reliable and excellent value.

Mark Beamish
4th January 2022
Does an excellent job

Apeiron visits us 4 times a year to fertilise/weed & moss kill our relatively small lawn for the past few years and does an excellent job. Sean is always willing to discuss problems during his visit. It is amazing the number of things that can be done, and money you can spend (if you want to), to ensure your lawn looks good.

Gerald Peachey
4th January 2022
What an improvement!

Apeiron provides a professional and reliable lawn care service. The quality of my lawn has improved considerably since I have been using Apeiron and I am very pleased with the service provided.

Mike Eagle
4th January 2022
Great communication

Sean was recommended to us and we have been very pleased with the difference his work has made to our grass.Following an assessment he explains how the treatments work and is thorough with the applications.

Sarah Holousi
4th January 2022
Happy to recommend to others

Great, friendly and knowledgeable service. Saved grass that was mainly weeds into lush lawn without needing to re-turf. Have recommended to others who are also pleased with the results.

David Hewer
13th November 2021
What a very good lawn service should be.

What a very good lawn service should be. Not only providing a wonderful service for customers but includes advice on mowing and how to improve the soil. Am very pleased with the outcomes and guidance over the past year.

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