Grant Amerigo
17th May 2021
Transformative, Sean’s a miracle worker

I initially engaged Sean’s services to take up the lawn on my new build property and returf if because the developer had done such a bad job. Sean was confident he could treat abs resurrect the lawn and to his credit he did. I have a fine, lush and much envied lawn; and rightly so, Sean has a lot more clients in the form of my neighbours. Sean is clearly passionate about his job, very knowledgeable, personable and professional. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Joanna Thain
5th April 2021
Highly recommend Apeiron. Improved lawn with quick results.

Having used other lawn care companies, I can definitely say that Apeiron is the best. They are very friendly and give a personalised service, always being on hand for advice. Lots of people have noticed the good condition of our grass, asking what we have done to it to look so healthy. It is simply leaving Apeiron to take the hassle away and look after it for us. Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed!

Stephen Secker
30th January 2021
Great advice and customer service

Our lawns were treated for weeds during the summer months into Autumn 202O and is to continue from February this year. The advice and treatment have been excellent and am kept informed as to next appointments promptly. The service given has been excellent and is recommended if you want the perfect lawns, which I do.

Julia Semmence
13th December 2020
Professional service, great outcome

Shaun is very professional, friendly and our grass has never looked so good. We used to use another company but they were nowhere the same standard. Brilliant, would definitely recommend

Daniel O'Callaghan
13th December 2020
Our lawn is in top condition

We contacted Apeiron regarding a persistent problem with Red Thread (a fungal infection) in our lawn. This has been treated effectively and the lawn now looks wonderfully green and healthy after just one 'feed and weed' treatment. We look forward to maintaining our lawn in top condition with Sean's expert regular service.

Martin Bull
13th December 2020
Fantastic Service

Absolutely fantastic service. Friendly, polite and professional service. The lawn has already started to improve after only 1 visit! Highly recommended

Carol Read
26th July 2020
Our grass has never looked so good!

For some years we had used a franchise for our lawn care but were disappointed with the service and quality of work. The lawn never looked any different and we never had the same person turn up. When they did, they never had time to talk to me about the lawn. We moved over to Apeiron UK Lawn Care, our local independent lawn care company and our grass has never looked so good in years! The owner Sean is nice and friendly and takes time to talk about our lawn. He provides a genuine service and value for the money we spend.

Helen Peachey
5th July 2020
Great results

The lawn is looking really good, thick and lush growth. It has been commented on by friends and by Ben's grass cutting team. Thank you for the hard work, it really is showing good results.

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