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Keeping your lawn in optimum condition all year round

When you admire the lawn to the front or rear of your property, what do you see?

Do you see a healthy lawn that is a rich, green colour and free from moss and weeds or do you see a dull and tired lawn that is crying out for a little TLC?

Seasonal treatments are essential to keeping your lawn in optimum condition all year round.

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

A bespoke plan for the best results

At Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in seasonal treatments and will work with you to come up with a bespoke plan that offers the best results.

We are not a company that will just rush in and apply a standard treatment to your lawn. Through a full site analysis, we can tailor our treatment plan to the individual needs of your lawn, so we can be sure we are targeting the right problem at the right time.

During the consultation process, your lawn care specialist will recommend any additional treatments that may improve the health and overall appearance of your lawn.

Spring Lawn Treatments

During the months of spring, the focus of our treatments is on promoting the growth of strong, healthy grass whilst controlling the growth of moss and weeds.

Early Summer Lawn Treatments

During early summer, the focus of our treatments is on promoting growth of a rich, green lawn throughout the summer months and targeting weeds.

Late Summer Lawn Treatments

During late summer, our slow release, no scorch treatment continues to nourish the lawn to help it maintain a rich, green appearance for longer during the hot and often dry weather.

Autumn/Winter Lawn Treatments

Our autumn/winter treatments aim to control moss and support the health of the root system to toughen the lawn in preparation for the winter months.

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Being a local, specialist lawn care company, we are positioned to help you achieve the perfect lawn. If you have wasted time and money on shop-grade products that offer little more than disappointment, it’s time to appoint an expert.

To book your free site analysis, call Apeiron Lawn Care Ltd today and allow us to take good care of your lawn, so that you can enjoy a stunning garden view all year round.

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