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Winter Recovery

Winter can be a challenging time for grass and your lawn may be looking a little bedraggled, but spring brings with it, new life and an opportunity to revitalise your lawn through a range of carefully timed, specialist treatments.

Helping your lawn to spring back to life

If your lawn has taken on a very different appearance post-winter, then do not despair. Here at Apeiron UK, we have helped many homeowners in Lowestoft achieve the optimum lawn thanks to our spring lawn preparation treatments. By developing a tailored plan, we can help you to achieve a lawn that boasts luscious green grass that matches the definition of a luxurious outdoor carpet. Irrespective of the treatments your lawn needs, every plan starts and ends with seasonal treatments.

Seasonal treatments are pivotal to the steady growth of healthy grass. Each treatment is carefully formulated to support the grass plants from root to tip as they go through the various stages of life.

Spring Lawn Preparation Lowestoft

Creating space for healthy roots to grow

Following a spring weed and feed treatment, it may be necessary to carry out some essential cultural treatments, such as scarification and aeration. If, during winter, you noticed that your lawn did not drain water away as quickly as it previously did or if your lawn felt spongy under foot, then this is a good indication that some additional treatments are needed to bring your lawn back to full health.

Although commonly performed together, scarification and aeration are two very different treatments. Scarification focuses on removing excess thatch that may have built up around the roots of the grass plants, whilst the aim of aeration is to reduce soil compaction. Essentially, both treatments allow nutrients, water and oxygen to penetrate the roots, whilst allowing the grass room to grow

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