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Seasonl Lawn Renovations 

After the recent prolonged period of wet weather, you may be wondering when you will be able to enjoy leisure time in your garden again! But have you also considered some tasks that may be needed to guarantee a healthy lawn that’s able to survive this year’s autumn and winter season…

What to Consider for the Second Half of This Year

At this time of year, our teams are usually working with clients to ensure that their lawns remain lush and green throughout the summer and are prepared for the potential impact of drought. However, during the first six months of 2024, so many days of rainfall have led to a concern about how our lawns are able to recover - and how they will withstand the elements throughout the second half of the year.

Once the weather does eventually break over this summer, it will be the perfect time to assess your lawn and to get ahead - so that you and your family can relax in your green space. It is also an ideal time to consider seeking expert advice on cultural lawn treatments – which we would recommend carrying out during August and into September.

The last months of the growing season are a crucial time to strengthen and prepare your lawn for the impact of winter. Consideration and work carried out in late summer and early autumn will improve your garden’s quality and health, right through into the following spring.

Lawn Renovations
Lawn Renovation Services Suffolk

Renovate & Protect Your Lawn

As we move away from the warmer summer months and into the cooler days of autumn, our lawns go through a large period of change. Before the winter sets in, August and September are key months for ensuring your lawn has the best chance of survival and endurance during the forthcoming colder spells. 

With selected techniques and specialised treatments, it is possible to renovate and protect your lawn from the elements. Most lawn renovation processes will include treatments to clear your lawn; improve soil drainage and enable the grass to benefit from improved access to essential nutrients. Using a combination of lawn care tasks can help to improve your turf over a specific timescale. 

Without applying care and consideration to your lawn now, it is likely to deteriorate over time – but a seasonal cultural treatment can help to promote it back to full health. The process of lawn renovation by an expert is usually straightforward and can transform your whole garden’s appearance. In fact, renovation will not only revitalise your existing lawn, but it is also a cost-effective alternative to fully re-turfing your outside space.

Our experienced team can assess your lawn needs and build a tailored plan to ensure that you get the results you are looking for. 

Our range of professional lawn care treatments aim to ensure that any debris (excess or dead moss, thatch, weeds) is removed; fungal disease that has established in wet conditions is eradicated; soil compaction is relieved by aerating the lawn; fertiliser or feed is to added to increase nutrients available in the soil and grass seed is laid to promote healthy new growth.

To reclaim your lawn this year, our comprehensive lawn renovation toolkit could include:

Lawn Aeration Service


Aeration involves puncturing the soil under your lawn with small holes to relieve any compaction and allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. 

Poor water drainage and compacted soils can lead to moss growth - therefore aeration will help to reduce the ability for the moss to grow and spread. 

If moss is a problem on your lawn, then you need to ensure that you take the appropriate action as soon as possible before it becomes an overwhelming issue.

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This process is the mechanical removal of thatch, moss, and dead grass material from the surface of your lawn. Long grass tends to create a damp, shaded environment that is ideal for moss to thrive – which can quickly overtake your lawn. 

Once a layer of extra growth and dead vegetation has built up, essential nutrients and water are prevented from reaching the soil and roots of the grass. 

And after a period of wet weather, conditions are perfect for invasive species to grow and thrive within your lawn - leading to poor growth and bald patches to crop up.

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Lawn Seeding Suffolk


After aeration, we over-seed the lawn with high-quality grass seed. This step introduces new, resilient grass varieties that can outcompete weed grasses and fill in bare spots - resulting in a denser, more attractive lawn.

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Top Dressing

Finally, we apply a thin layer of top dressing which typically consists of sand, loam, and organic matter. This layer protects the new seeds, improves soil structure, and enhances moisture retention.

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Lawn Issues To Bear In Mind

Weed Invasion:

Longer grass provides the perfect environment for weeds to grow and spread. These invasive plants will compete with grass by taking nutrients from the soil and energy from sunlight – leaving your lawn patchy and unhealthy

Excessive Debris:

A large layer of thatch (dead grass and moss) can prevent your lawn from absorbing key nutrients so be sure to clear it with a Scarification process before applying fresh seed or feed

Lawn Disease:

If you haven’t been regularly mowing your lawn so far this year, long grass blades combined with damp, cool conditions can lead to fungal infections – which damage your lawn and make it harder for your native grass to develop. 

Lawns that are prone to disease may also be less likely to respond to general lawn care - a full lawn renovation can help to limit and prevent diseases in future

We also appreciate that garden appearance is a key focus for many of our clients - and lawn renovation can ensure that it returns to looking its absolute best. Our team of experts recommend that seasonal lawn recovery work is carried out in mid-August to late September – so please remember to get ahead and book a consultation with us ASAP to discuss lawn care advice in time for Autumn and Winter 2024. 

If you would like to find out more about expert Seasonal Lawn Treatments and Tailored Lawn Care Planning, please call or email us.