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Taking care of your lawn in December 

December spells the start of winter and the shortest day, meaning lighter evenings are on the horizon. You should continue to remove any fallen leaves that may block out natural light and moisture to the grass.

If the weather remains mild and the grass continues to grow, it may be necessary to mow your lawn.

Remember to adjust the cutting height to around 3-5mm above the summer setting to prevent turf stress.

If your lawn shows signs of waterlogging during winter, this is a good indication that cultural treatments, such as scarification and aeration, are needed.

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Your questions answered

Each month, we answer your questions to help you get the most out of your outdoor environment. This month’s question comes from Stuart Bailey who asks:

"What are the best lawn care treatments to consider using in May?"


Thank you for your question, Stuart. Any lawn is likely to only need to be aerated once, possibly twice, a year depending on the level of compaction. On a standard garden, the use and level of footfall will determine the number of treatments required. Is the lawn used for recreational activities, such as football, or is it a natural pathway from point A to point B?

Taking Care of your lawn in December 2021
Taking Care of Your Lawn in December 2021

Natural Aeration

During the winter months, the heave and shrinkage created by rainfall and frost that then thaws will naturally aerate many soils. This will negate the necessity for mechanical aeration. A light roll in the spring will settle the surface. If your lawn does require aeration, then spring or autumn is best when the soil is soft enough to allow the tines to penetrate to a sufficient depth.