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Taking care of your lawn in July

Summer has arrived and many of you will be looking forward to spending time in the sunshine and enjoying a BBQ. As you spend more time in your garden environment, there are some things you can do to help keep your lawn in optimum condition.

We recommend that you regularly mow your lawn but set the cutting level a little higher to prevent your grass from drying during spells of hot weather. As well as a weekly soak with a sprinkler, your lawn will benefit from a good weed and feed treatment.

If you have had disappointing results using shop-grade products, get in touch with us on 01502 677 019 as our professional products promote the growth of rich, green grass throughout the summer months and actually work!

Your questions answered

Each month, we answer your questions to help you get the most out of your outdoor environment. This month’s question comes from Donna Walpole who asks:

“How can I keep my lawn looking green throughout summer?”

This is a question we are often asked.

The key to keeping your grass looking lush and green throughout the summer is a well-prepared lawn care plan.

During the months of spring, cultural treatments such as scarification and aeration should be carried out to give the grass plants room to develop a stronger root system before summer arrives.

Taking care of your lawn in July
Taking care of your lawn in July

Summer Treatment

During the summer months, your lawn will require weed and feed treatments and regular access to water.

If you opt for our no-scorch summer treatments, carefully designed to nourish the grass plants to help them maintain their strength and colour, you can expect your lawn to look green throughout the summer.