Tim Spooner
17th June 2020

Competent, reliable and great

When I was looking for someone to improve the health and appearance of my lawn I was really pleased to find that Sean was the owner of an independent and local lawn care company, someone I could put a face and name to, build a relationship with and contact when needed, knowing that Sean would respond quickly. My lawn wasn’t in a bad condition but continues to improve with the work Sean is conducting and what has impressed me is not only his competence as a lawn care specialist, but his reliability and his attentiveness in listening to exactly what I wanted to achieve. The treatment programme Sean has put in place represents great value for money and what’s helped me even more is the ability to pay monthly over the year so I can budget more effectively. All in all, I’ve been extremely satisfied with his customer service and most importantly a lush green and weed free lawn for me to enjoy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Apeiron UK Lawn care to others.