Spring Lawn Care

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Winter Recovery

Spring is in the air, but how has your lawn faired over the winter months? If your lawn is looking worse for wear, a little washed out and sparse should we say, then now is the time to book those all-important spring lawn care treatments.

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

At Apeiron UK, we are lawn care specialists and have a wealth of knowledge and experience under our belts. We have revitalised many lawns over the years and if there is one piece of information that we can share with you today, it is that seasonal treatments are pivotal to a healthy lawn.Seasonal treatments are designed to support the grass plants at every stage of life and each treatment has a unique offering. Our spring lawn care treatments focus on promoting the growth of strong and healthy grass, whilst at the same time, controlling the growth of moss and weeds. By incorporating seasonal treatments into your bespoke lawn care treatment plan, we can ensure that your lawn remains adequately nourished and in optimum condition all year round. To request your tailored lawn care treatment plan this spring, give Apeiron UK a call today on 01502 677019.

Spring Lawn Care

Cultural Treatments

In addition to seasonal treatments, your lawn may benefit from cultural treatments. Two treatments commonly performed after a spring weed and feed are scarification and aeration.

Scarification is the process of removing excess thatch from a lawn. A thin layer of thatch is considered beneficial, but a thick layer of thatch can cause issues with water drainage and may block oxygen, water and nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass. A lawn in need of scarification will feel spongy under foot and will likely have poor resistance to drought.

Following scarification, aeration may be needed. Aeration is a treatment performed to alleviate soil compaction. When soil is compacted, air and water cannot move freely through the lawn. A good soil should be loose with plenty of air pockets between the particles to allow gases and water to penetrate the roots of the grass. If your lawn is pale, waterlogged and overrun with moss and weeds, it likely requires aeration.

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To request your tailored lawn care treatment plan this spring, give Apeiron UK a call today on 01502 677 019.

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