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Our Professional Accreditations and Qualifications

When you work with Apeiron Lawn Care, we will guarantee that we always adhere to professional industry standards and comply with government Plant Protection Products (PPP) legislation.

As a responsible lawn care services provider, Apeiron are committed to the latest and most sustainable business practices, which ensures that our customers receive the absolute best guidance and support. Not only are we registered with DEFRA as a user of Plant Protection Products under The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020, but members of our technical team have also passed their PA/1 and PA/6 qualifications for the Safe Handling and Application of Pesticides. This means that we can identify and manage any potential risks relating to the use of herbicides and fertilisers - all of which are essential for the health of our environment and the general public.

BASIS Lawn Assured Scheme MembersBASIS Lawn Assured Scheme Members

The BASIS Lawn Assured scheme is an independent audit for lawn care companies to raise and maintain standards within our industry. As a government supported initiative, member organisations must meet specific requirements to be able to join the scheme. Key topics include pesticide storage, integrated management of weeds, pests and diseases, staff training, application equipment and record keeping. As a BASIS Lawn Assured member, you can be confident that Apeiron will demonstrate best practices in lawn care in a safe and sustainable way. You can find out more about the scheme at https://basis-reg.co.uk/scheme-lawn-assured 

UK Lawn Care Association MembersUK Lawn Care Association Members 

Apeiron Lawn Care is also a member of the UK Lawn Care Association. This is a voluntary association created by independent UK lawn care providers, who are committed to upholding best practices in our sector. As a member of UKLCA, Apeiron is committed to exacting standards and to delivering exceptional lawn care services. You can learn more about the UKLCA at https://www.uklawncare.net/default.aspx

Here are some key considerations when hiring a lawn care professional: Are they qualified to use herbicides? A lawn care technician should possess PA1 and PA6 level accreditations, which demonstrates that they can use herbicides correctly and responsibly.

Do they hold a legitimate Waste Licence? A lawn care technician should hold one of these if they will be collecting and removing waste from your garden or property.

Do they carry and use the correct PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)? Essential when using weed or moss control treatments, a lawn care technician should have the appropriate safety equipment with them when they are likely to be spraying – this also includes wearing suitable clothing for working outside and/or with industrial or chemical equipment.

 Do they need to treat the whole lawn with herbicides? It isn’t always necessary to treat an entire area with weed killer or treatment sprays. The aim of our professional qualifications is for lawn care technicians to use the minimum amount of product to achieve the best result. 

 Are they able to use products that will not cause harm to children or pets? A professional technician should be able to provide suitable options for a lawn care treatment which will not cause harm. They should also ensure that you are aware of any treatments which will require you to keep your children and/or pets indoors for a brief time while the work is carried out. 

 Are they insured? Every lawn care company should have evidence of Public Liability Insurance. While the chances of something going awry are slim, you will want to be assured that any damage can be easily rectified - without incurring any further costs to you. 

Unfortunately, not all service providers are willing or able to commit to optimum standards of lawn care practice – which risks devaluing the skills of our operators and contributes to bringing our valued industry into disrepute. 

 We would always recommend using a professional and certified lawn care professional, who is committed to working to the highest level of industry standards and has the correct level of accreditation to carry out any work on your property.

If you have any queries or questions about lawn care accreditations or how we deliver our high standard of services to new and existing customers, please give us a call on 01502 677 019 or email [email protected]