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Taking care of your lawn in May 

As we are now in May it is more than likely that the weather will start to get warmer meaning more attention needs to be placed on your lawn care and treatments.

With this change in temperature, you will need to start looking at a variety of lawn care treatments as these will ensure your lawn stays lushest and green all throughout the warmer months. As the warmer weather does approach, there are new weeds and pests that will start to make their way into your garden. Get ahead of this and start to consider your weed and pest control.

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Your questions answered

Each month, we answer your questions to help your get the most out of your outdoor environment. This month’s question comes from Timothy Dalton who asks:

"What are the best lawn care treatments to consider using in May?"

Lawn Purpose

The month of May is where the weather tends to start getting warmer so does require some other treatments to be considered to get your lawn in its best condition.

There are many you can choose from, but the two we would suggest are Aeration and Weed Control.

Grass Services Suffolk
Grass Services Suffolk


The use of lawn aeration can have a really big impact on the health of your lawn. Now the results may not be as obvious as weed control, however, what you will see is that your lawn stays greener for longer during the drier times.

When we do have the odd shower, your lawn is able to effectively take on the water and nutrients giving it the best look all summer. If you would like to know more about the aeration process and some more of the benefits, Click Here.