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Taking care of your lawn in April 

Now that we have entered Spring, your lawn will require regular, ongoing maintenance. You should strive to keep the grass at a constant height by mowing it as often as you deem necessary. No two lawns are the same and whilst some may need to mow their lawn weekly, others will only need to perform this task fortnightly, or perhaps even longer.

April is the optimum month for treating weeds and moss. You should use a high-quality weed and feed treatment that is high in nitrogen to encourage the growth of healthy, strong grass. If your lawn would benefit from some additional TLC then there is still time to perform cultural treatments including scarification and aeration and from mid-April, overseeding.

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Your questions answered

Each month, we answer your questions to help you get the most out of your outdoor environment. This month’s question comes from Lisa Saunders who asks:

“What height should I cut my lawn at?”

Lawn Purpose

Thank you, Lisa. Ultimately, the answer to your question comes down to the purpose of your lawn and the look you are hoping to achieve. For the first few cuts in spring, you should take a gentle approach, lowering the cutting height slowly. Thereafter, you should aim to maintain a constant height.

Taking Care of your lawn in april 2021
Taking care of your lawn in april 2021

Average Height

The average height range is ¼ inch to 1½ inch depending on whether you have a fine lawn or an ornamental lawn. Having said that, for the average utility lawn, anywhere between 1 and 2 inches is optimal as it allows the grass to photosynthesise at the correct rate, creating energy for strong growth, enabling it to force out weed and moss ingress and to resist pathogens from entering the plant. Whatever cutting height you opt for, take care to avoid removing more than one third of the leaf shoots in any one mow.

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