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Taking care of your lawn in March 

As we enter March, a month that marks the start of spring and warmer weather to come, the grass will slowly begin to grow.

On the whole, winter was relatively mild so you may have followed our earlier recommendations and given your lawn a light mow in February. Irrespective of whether this is the first or second cut of the season, you should continue to set the cutting height on your mower on a high setting, as your lawn is still recovering from winter. As spring progresses and the temperatures rise, you can lower the cutting height, but be sure to take it steady…

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Your questions answered

Each month, we answer your questions to help you get the most out of your outdoor environment. This month’s question comes from Amy Wilson who asks:

“Having a large dog in my garden has taken its toll and my lawn now looks very sparse and muddy. I’m concerned it is not going to recover. Is there anything that I can do to help it?”

Long Term Treatments

Thank you for your question, Amy. What you are describing is a problem that we hear often. Winter can be a very challenging time for grass and even more so if the lawn is regularly walked on.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure – there are no quick fixes. However, that does not mean that your lawn has been given a death sentence. Your lawn will recover, but it will take time.

Taking Care of your lawn in march 2021
Taking Care of your lawn in march 2021

Aeration & Nitrogen Feed

It is likely that the heavily trodden soil has become compacted, so aeration will be needed. This will promote a better soil and allow water, light and nutrients to reach the grass roots, adding strength and stimulating new growth. A spring feed that is high in nitrogen will further help the lawn recover.

We hope that helps, Amy. If you would like any further advice or would like us to carry out a site analysis and develop a tailored treatment plan for your lawn, please get back in touch.

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