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Taking care of your lawn in September

As we head into autumn, the growth rate of grass will start to slow down, so it’s time to raise the cutting height on the mower and mow the lawn less frequently. This will allow your lawn to withstand the last of the summer weather and prepare for the wetter months ahead.

Now is the ideal time to book your cultural treatments. If you want to encourage the development of a strong and healthy root system that is more resilient to fungal disease, scarification and aeration can do wonders for a dense and compacted lawn.

Following these treatments, an autumn feed high in potassium can be applied ahead of winter to control the growth of moss and further support the overall health of the root system.

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Your questions answered

Each month, we answer your questions to help you get the most out of your outdoor environment. This month’s question comes from Alan Townsend who asks:

“What are the pros and cons of mulch mowing vs bagging?"

Mulch Mowing

This is a very good question! Grass is rich in nutrients and so throwing away your grass clippings might seem like a waste. For those who have not heard of mulch mowing, this is the process of using a specialist mower that chops the grass finely and spreads it back onto the lawn.

This helps to keep moisture in the ground, reduce weed growth and improve the quality of the soil, much like a natural fertiliser. However, if your lawn is in poor condition with an overgrowth of weeds, you should bag the clippings and treat your lawn with a suitable weed and feed solution, as the last thing you want to do is scatter weed seeds across your lawn.

Taking care of your lawn in September
Taking care of your lawn in September

Replacing Lost Nutrients

If you are bagging the clippings, it is important to maintain seasonal feeds to replace lost nutrients. Mulch mowing needs to be done regularly to avoid a residue of clippings on the lawn surface that could encourage disease infestation and create a sub-standard appearance.

If you are using a mulch mower regularly to keep your lawn strong and healthy, it is even more important to carry out cultural treatments such as scarification and aeration to keep the level of thatch down and allow the grass roots room to grow.